A Revolution in Medical Data Processing


Newer technology has always been a welcome assistance to medical professionals in providing accuracy and precision to both clinical laboratory testing and diagnosis.

By incorporating AI into patient care, an entire library of critical information can be applied to help detect, identify, and quantify diseases and predict clinical outcomes.

The artificial intelligence revolution is expected to bring benefits to almost every domain of the healthcare industry. In a October 2023 report by Allied Market Research estimated that AI just within the medical imaging market generated $1.9 billion in 2022 with the industry expected to reach $29.8 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 32.1% from 2023 to 2032.

AI Medical Platform Expansion


  • Better Doctor-Patient Interaction.
  • Focused to help Medical professionals to effectively access medical data, reports, and statistics.
  • Monitor and track and interact with patients in real-time.
  • Real time monitoring of health parameters (BP, Pulse, HbA1C, Mean Blood Glucose).
  • Connection with smart devices to sync with Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Better collaboration with Healthcare providers.
  • Improved vertical visibility to management of Healthcare organizations.
  • Open to integration with EHRs and other applications using APIs.

Direct AI Implementation:

  • Healthy lifestyle Application for individuals.
  • Patient/Customer experience Application for Healthcare organizations.
  • SaaS application platform for aggregation of Doctors and patient interaction. (similar to WebMD)
  • Concierge Medicine application for Doctors attending HNI Individuals.
  • Healthcare applications for Citizens for Governments.

AI Medical Platform

By leveraging the same AI anomaly detection platform, process applications lend themselves to help medical diagnoses in detecting fractures, tumors, subtle abnormalities and patterns, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing diagnostic speed and accuracy.
With our incredible access to numerous hospitals and health care professionals across India our platform will be able to rapidly expand into many sectors of practice and conditions.

Continual learning in AI will have an immense effect on patient screening owing to its ability to improve the precision of diagnostics, greatly assisting in the early diagnosis of disease. These tools not only expedite processes, but strike a balance allowing medical professionals to identify and concentrate on complex cases requiring human expertise.

Dr. Ravindranath Kancheria – Director/Advisor

Dr. Ravindranath (“Dr. Ravi”) holds an illustrious 40 year career in medicine and throughout his career, Dr Ravi has made many transformative contributions to the healthcare sector. He is considered a world renowned expert laparoscopic procedures with many leading positions in various medical organizations he has trained over 700 surgeons in these complex processes has continually pioneered work in organ transplantation.

Dr. Ravi is the founder of Global Hospitals Group – with Dr Ravi opening eight large tertiary care specialty hospitals across India. Under Dr. Ravindranath’s visionary leadership and guidance, Global Hospitals Group became the premier healthcare centers performing high-end surgeries, such as liver, heart, twin kidney and bone marrow transplants.

A highly successful businessman, Dr Ravi’s position in GE Medical Associates Private Ltd was recently purchased by IHH Healthcare for approximately 87 Million USD. IHH Healthcare Group is a leading healthcare provider with over 80 hospitals in 10 countries. As well, he is a strategic investor in several recent healthcare ventures including Makers Hive, a groundbreaking company that has developed accessible state-of-the-art bionic prosthetics to upper limb amputees and Total Emergency Network (TEN), a cutting-edge healthcare technology company specializing in golden hour medical logistics.