Agentless detection designed to prioritize and categorize anomalous data

The Future of Resource Discovery

NextFind Ai is an innovator in the field of Artificial Intelligence with an exciting new platform that provides a powerful new AI-powered, autonomous data quality and anomaly detection tool aimed at locating deposits of important precious and critical minerals.

Within a world of ever-increasing mineral demand, NextFind Ai is acutely aware that the hunt is on for additional critical metal and nonmetal commodities.


NextFind is cataloguing and building a world class database of key exploration targets worldwide. Led by professional geoscientists and AI specialists, the NextFind Ai platform can implement rapid, efficient, and cost-effective exploration methodologies than conventional exploration techniques employed in the industry.


Using Ai-powered detection tools drastically reduces the amount of routine field analysis and data collection by geologists and scientists. Thus the platform can save companies vast amounts of time and money on discovery and leap frog projects ahead towards the development phase.


THE Manaono Lithium project

The Manaono Lithium project in the DRC is the top Lithium in Pegmatite deposits in the world. It is estimated to be larger than The Greenbushes deposit in Western Australia which is currently producing over 3 Billion dollars of revenue per Quarter.

Here we have a real life example of how our recent ASTER search parameters highlight both Lithium in pegmatite (blue) potential as well as Lithium in clay (pink) potential.

The Blue pegmatite zone north of the Kitololo pegmatites are unexplored.

Tanzania Lithium Deposit

Here, a massive area of anomalous minerals associated with Lithium-in-Clay using our ASTER search found in Tanzania is compared at same scale to ASTER anomaly of the McDermitt project in the U.S.

The McDermitt resource boundary are showing in pink for Inferred and the Indicated Resources in light yellow which collectively sum to a massive 21.5 Million tons LCE.

Current LCE price is 13,400 USD/ton.


The key to surviving the new industrial revolution is leading it. That requires an awareness of disruptive technologies and a plan to develop talent. Modern India has a strong focus on science and technology and India has become the world’s largest sourcing destination for information technology.

Through our India based subsidiary, NextFind AI Hyderabad, we have aligned ourselves with a state of the art technology center where we have access to leaders in both AI and software development.

Our Hyderabad base will act as a cost effective and leading developmental powerhouse to rapidly create, develop and implement our AI platforms worldwide